The free Safety Observer App 2.0 is now available in English!

Safety Observer is a free app that makes it possible to gather and collect information about risks and observations at a workplace and gives a snapshot view of the overall safety level, that can be easily shared and used as a background for safety discussions.

The idea is to use the app as part of a safety walk procedure and it is applicable at basically all different work places and industrial sectors.

Reports are shown immediately on your smartphone or tablet, and sent to you in an email for immediate use in your proactive efforts to ensure safety and health in your workplace. Design your own observation lists with inspiration from sector specific templates.

Safety Observer consists of two parts, one version for the administrator of the tool and one version for the users.

Two videos (with English subtitles) of how the two versions work can be seen below:

The admin app

The user app

The app can be downloaded from App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) to both smartphones and tablets.

The Safety Observer app has been developed by the Danish National Research Centre for the Working Environment (, in collaboration with Arbejdsmedicin, Regionshospitalet Herning and Branchefællesskaber for Arbejdsmiljø (BFA).

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