Wed, Apr 14 | Webinar (Microsoft Teams)

What can we still learn from the world’s first and oldest safety guru?

Herbert William Heinrich is one of the earliest and most influential thinkers in the world of risk and safety. But who was he and what is still relevant today? At this webinar, Carsten Busch will give give you the interesting story and analysis of Heinrich, based on Carstens brand new book.

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Apr 14, 1:00 PM – 3:30 PM GMT+2
Webinar (Microsoft Teams)

About the event

Have you heard and used the ideas about the accident triangle, the accident sequence/domino model, the hidden cost of accidents, the human element and management responsibility with regards to safety?

Then, perhaps without knowing, you have been influenced by the works of Herbert William Heinrich, one of the earliest and most influential thinkers in the world of risk and safety.

In his new book Preventing Industrial Accidents: Reappraising H. W. Heinrich – More than Triangles and Dominoes, Carsten Busch has gone back to the core of Heinrich and studied his original writings, his life and work. This in order to analyze and reflect on what elements of Heinrich that are still relevant today, and what perhaps should be left on the dusty book shelf.

In this two part webinar, Carsten will first introduce us to the emergence of safety as a profession. This will provide the context for a brief introduction of Heinrich the person, and Heinrich’s work. Then a brief overview and a selection of a few subjects will follow, such as the economics of safety, his dualism of causation (unsafe acts and conditions), safety management and several of his models. As part of this, Carsten will discuss the myth that most accidents are caused by human failure. The first part will close with some reflections on Heinrich’s relevance for today’s safety and for safety professionals today.

In the second part, we will concentrate on one of Heinrich’s most famous metaphors, the accident triangle (also known as pyramid or iceberg). This is perhaps also his most misunderstood contribution to safety. Carsten will explore the origins, what it means and how it should be understood. Then we will discuss some misunderstanding and finally reflect on some limitations of the idea of learning from weak signals.

The presentation will build on material from the new book on Heinrich, as well as on Carsten’s previous books on safety and measuring safety.

Preventing Industrial Accidents: Reappraising H. W. Heinrich – More than Triangles and Dominoes will be released on February 26 and can be ordered as a hardback or eBook from most online bookstores. More information can be found HERE, at the site of the publishing house.

The event will be held in English.

About Carsten Busch

Originally from Norway with a background in Mechanical Engineering, Safety, and Human Factors, Carsten Busch has over 25 years of international work experience in Safety and Quality Management from different sectors and countries. He is also professionally active on various forums, owner of and tutor at Lund UniversityHuman Factors and System Safety programme.

Prior to “Preventing Industrial Accidents” Carsten has written three books: “Safety Myth 101”, “Veiligheidsfabels 1–2–3”, and “If You Can’t Measure It… Maybe You Shouldn’t”. A common trace in all of his books on safety is a curious and analyzing approach to critically see things and knowledge from new and historic perspectives. This in order to get a better understanding of their relevance to safety today.


13.00 –  ca 15.30 CET

Presentation in two parts + time for break, discussions/questions.

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