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Boliden on Safety Culture & Stora Enso on Safety and Digitalization!

During this two part webinar you will get the change to listen to both Per Renman from Boliden and Bas Vennix from Stora Enso! The two presenters also happen to be part of SÄKU’s board. The event will be held in English.

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06 maj 13:00 – 16:00
Microsoft Teams

About the event

During this two part webinar you will get the change to listen to both Per Renman from Boliden and Bas Vennix from Stora Enso! The two presenters also happen to be part of SÄKU’s board. Read more by clicking on "More info" below.

The event will be held in English.

Boliden: How We Measure and Secure Continuous Improvement of our Safety Culture

Boliden introduced a new modern tool to measure and enable a better follow-up process of the companies safety culture during 2020. This to support  the company’s strategy to develop a world class safety culture in the next coming years. A strong safety culture  characterized by a value-driven leadership that trusts employees' ability to act in relation to risk, health and safety

The presentation will also include information  on the companies proactive safety work which includes training of both formal and informal leaders as safety ambassadors, the BeSafe concept, professional actors working with miners, high tech to reduce risk for accidents , videos produced by the employees for the employees.

About Per Renman

Per Renman has held the position of Group Safety Director in Boliden since 2014. . He is also the Chairman of SÄKU. Per has a background in the construction industry where he spent more than 20yrs on complex infrastructure projects mostly located in remote places in the third world. A fatal underground accident which occurred very early in his career as a young engineer resulted in his great passion to work with health safety.  Per has also acted as speaker on large EHS Conferences across Europe to tell his story.

In his spare time he is a hunter and fisherman and organizes tented photo safaris to wildlife areas in Africa.

Stora Enso – Safety and the Opportunities with Digital innovation!

Digital Innovation is more important than ever and there is a strong need to accelerate the adoption of new technology. The ongoing pandemic has faced us with many challenges and we learned that in times of exceptional circumstances it is important to foster a culture of experimentation and innovation! From 3D digital heat maps with real time information on incidents, near misses and observations to virtual reality for training with hazardous processes, in this presentation we will take a closer look at some of the very cool and interesting digital tools that are introduced at Stora Enso.

About Bas Vennix

Bas Vennix has held the position of Division Safety Director at Stora Enso Packaging Solutions since 2018. He is also a board member of SÄKU. Bas has a passion for continuous improvement and (safety) culture development and has  >15 years of experience in heavy and demanding industries such as Steel, Paper, Pulp and Packaging. Bas has also acted as valued speaker on international EHS Conferences across Europe to share his learnings.


13.00  –  ca 16.00 CET

Presentation in two parts by Boliden and Stora Enso + time for break, discussions/questions.

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