Leading Safety Differently: From Compliance to Care with Clive Lloyd, 9/12, 2021

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In this 2-hour session, we got a chance to listen to and discuss with Clive Lloyd, one of the top 5 Global thought leaders and influencers on Health & Safety, and his thoughts on how to go from doing traditional safety to doing safety differently. Clive outlined evidence-based best practices that illustrate the differences between immature organisational cultures and mature ones, with a particular focus on the role of safety leadership.

Clive discussed the strongest predictor of high-performing teams – Psychological Safety. The session provided an overview of the research, as well as case studies demonstrating the links between Psychological Safety, employee trust, engagement and physical safety.

About Clive Lloyd

Clive Lloyd is an Australian psychologist who assists high-hazard organisations to improve their safety performance through the development of trust and psychological safety and by doing Safety Differently.

Clive was recently named among the top 5 Global thought leaders and influencers on Health & Safety by Thinkers360 and is the author of “Next Generation Safety Leadership: From Compliance to Care”. During the webinar, Clive will touch upon some of the subjects of the book, which has the following table of contents:

  1. Trust: The Currency of Leadership

  2. ‘Zero Harm’ and Other Platitudes

  3. BBS (aka Behavioral Bull S..t!)

  4. Organizational Values or Company Platitudes?

  5. What’s Your Story? Building trust through Self Disclosure

  6. Mind your language!

  7. Your team has the answers, do you have the questions?

  8. Don’t shoot the messenger! Making it safe to share bad news

  9. Responding after an incident

  10. Doing Safety Differently: From Compliance to Care

More about the book can be found at the publishing house’s webpage by clicking HERE.

The book can be ordered directly from the publishing house, or for instance from the Swedish book sites Bokus or Adlibris (and a number of other international book sites).

Clive is also the codirector and principal consultant with GYST Consulting Pty Ltd, and developer of the acclaimed Care Factor Program.



The presentation from the webinar can be found HERE.

Contact information

If you want to get in touch with Clive, his email address is: clive@gystconsulting.com.au . He is also to be found on LinkedIn. His company's homepage is: https://www.gystconsulting.com.au/

Further material

Some of the books and authors mentioned by Clive during the webinar were:

Recommended surveys and audit tools by Clive are:

Result from the Mentimeter polls

The participants got to do some polling on two questions about leaders and care.

The questions were:

  1. Do you believe that, in general, leaders within your company care about their teams?

  2. Do you believe that, in general, leaders within your company are GOOD AT DEMONSTRATING CARE to their teams?

The result can be seen as a pdf HERE


A recording of the webinar can be seen on SÄKUPlay (Youtube) below.